WP Force SSL Documentation

SSL Realtime monitor

When you enable Real-time SSL monitoring from the plugin’s SSL Certificate tab, you will be able to access the information about the certificate via your Dashboard. This way, you can monitor all your & clients’ certificates from a single centralized location.

Besides checking the information about the certificates, you will be able to send a test email just to confirm that your alerts work fine, as well as delete that specific SSL monitor if you no longer need it.

WP Force SSL monitors

The available information:

  • Status – shows if the monitor is working well and if the SSL certificate is active.
  • Last Check – the date of the last check.
  • Domain – domain name of the site for which the monitor has been set up.
  • Email for Alerts – the email address you entered in the plugin’s settings where alerts will be sent.
  • SSL Expiry Date – the date of certificate validation.
  • SSL Issued By – the name of a certificate authority who issued this specific certificate.
  • SSL Issued For – the name of the registered website.
  • ID – a unique number that represents this SSL monitor.
  • Actions  – test the email or delete the SSL monitor.