WP Force SSL Documentation

How to install & activate the plugin

After a successful purchase, you will receive two emails.

  • The first one will let you know that the payment went through and will hold your receipt.¬†
  • The second email will contain the information necessary for accessing the dashboard. This panel will let you create your license key, download the plugin, and so much more.

Creating a Dashboard Account:

  1. Open the email you received (title: “Welcome aboard! Your WP Force SSL PRO account is ready”),
  2. Click on the “Password: set one up” link available in the email,
  3. In the new tab, the dashboard will appear – click on the “Get new password” button,
    WP Force SSL reset password
  4. Check your email again, and open the link you received,
  5. Enter the new password. Make sure it’s strong and unique.

Install & Activate the Plugin:

  1. Log in to your Dashboard,
  2. From the welcome popup window, click on the “Download” link,
    WP Force SSL welcome popup
  3. Save the ZIP file to your computer,
  4. Install & activate it on your WordPress site (WP Admin – Plugins – Add New – Upload Plugin),
  5. Open WP Admin – Settings – Force SSL,
  6. Activate the plugin with your license key that’s visible on the screen (format: 12345678-12345678-12345678).

That’s it. Both your dashboard and the plugin are ready, and you’re just a couple of steps away from stopping worrying about your SSL certificates and mixed content!