WP Force SSL Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will WP Force SSL slow down my site?

Absolutely not. Everything the plugin does happen in the admin. Nothing is loaded, added, or processed on the front-end so you can rest assured there is no impact on the performance of your site.

Can you install an SSL certificate for me?

Sorry, at the moment we can’t. The automatic SSL certificate installation feature is on our to-do and will be available in one of the future versions.

Can I move my license between sites?

Absolutely! Once you deactivate WP Force SSL on a site, the license goes back into your license pool, and you can activate it on another site. At any given time you can see all sites using your licenses when you log in to the WP Force SSL Dashboard.

Is WP Force SSL dangerous for my site?

No, definitely not! The plugin does not make any permanent changes to your site so even if it comes to a worst-case scenario you can just disable the plugin and that will undo all changes.

Can you generate/get an SSL certificate for me?

At the moment no. Sorry. We are already working on a feature that will automatically get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt and install it on your site but it’s not ready yet.

Where and how do I manage my licenses?

Purchases, sites, licenses & SSL monitors are managed in the WP Force SSL Dashboard. It’s a central place to manage all your sites.

Will WP Force SSL modify my files, database, or any content?

It will not automatically modify anything. If anything needs permanent changes you’ll be prompted to double-confirm the change. However, on 90% of sites, all changes are done on the fly so they are not permanent. Disabling the plugin undoes all changes.

I just moved my site to another address, will WP Force SSL help?

Definitely! Especially if you moved from HTTP to HTTPS. The plugin will make sure to properly redirect all your content, check your SSL certificate, and add other security features.