Types of Ecommerce Videos Your Website Needs to Increase Sales: Effectively Use Videos to Connect to Your Customers

Types of Ecommerce Videos Your Website Needs to Increase Sales

We all know that videos are a great way to get people to come to your website and connect with your community. However, many eCommerce workers have yet to master employing them to their full potential.

There are numerous marketing videos to make an impression depending on the type of product, the page, and your stage in the sales cycle. According to Animoto’s research, 73 percent of buyers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a marketing video.

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Why does your company need a video marketing strategy?

  • Viewers become consumers when they see a video.
  • You and your audience will have more trust if you use video.
  • Video is highly sought-after among mobile users.
  • The best material on social media is video.

So keep reading to learn about a wide range of high-quality films that will help you boost your website’s traffic.

Product Video

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A product video is a marketing video that demonstrates the characteristics, benefits, and applications in real life. Product videos are frequently used on product sites to persuade customers to buy, but depending on the type, you may want to advertise them elsewhere to raise product awareness.

Dropbox’s explainer video, which was the driving force behind their ten percent increase in conversions and ten million new members, is a perfect example of a killer video. This video tells it all, emphasizing all of the product’s unique qualities, including accessibility and shareability.

Furthermore, it does so incredibly clear, instructive, and amusingly – a successful simulation of the viewer’s user experience.

How-to Video

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When highlighting a product or service, you should present your audience with specific benefits and particular qualities that you may describe. This video style usually features a speaker explaining how the product works and why consumers should strongly consider purchasing it.

Many of these videos can stand alone and are best used on your product’s landing page or website, as well as on your YouTube channel. When promoting a new promotion or development, many businesses may employ this style of eCommerce video.

On top of that, viewers will see it in action on the screen and be excited in anticipation.

Review Video

An excellent product review video discusses product features and aids viewers in visualizing how the product operates, looks, and feels in real life. Product review videos can take numerous forms, from those produced by brands, experts, and influencers to those made by retailers or ordinary consumers.

They discuss their experiences with a product. The essential condition for a successful product review video is that it answers all of the usual questions that a typical shopper could have regarding the product.

Unboxing Videos

Filming an unboxing video

Unboxing videos are another practical approach to convince customers to click the “purchase now” button. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, these videos are all about unwrapping new purchases and demonstrating what the product looks like when it arrives at a customer’s doorstep.

Why do they function? Because they allow customers to view all of the nuances that are often hidden when shopping online. Shoppers are so interested in these eCommerce films that Google reported over 20 million searches for unpacking videos on YouTube in 2014.

Related Videos

While related videos aren’t necessarily a category in and of themselves, including them on your website is a terrific way to assist your clients in learning more about the products they’re interested in or seeing other comparable products.

Because consumers are hesitant to make online transactions, this technique will assist them in gathering all of the information they require to complete a secure purchase.

Comparison Videos

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Product comparison videos are less well-known yet highly successful at converting buyers. As the name implies, these videos show customers a side-by-side comparison of two or more products in the same category.

These products usually have identical features and specs, so they can see the minute nuances and subtleties that distinguish each product and make it ideal for different uses and needs. Sometimes, all a buyer needs is a short film like this to convert and be convinced they’re making the proper decision.


Strategic planning is really important today so there are templates like effective balanced scorecard template for strategy execution.

Strategy plays an important role here as well. Videos have the potential to increase conversions in your store. While we all know how efficient marketing videos are in increasing eCommerce sales, using the appropriate type of video on the proper pages can help you take your video marketing efforts to the next level.

You’ll notice a rise in engagement, sales, and brand loyalty if you understand your audience and use more mixed video content on your eCommerce website.