5 Creative Mobile App Ideas to Build as a Developer

5 Creative Mobile App Ideas to Build as a Developer

There are several creative mobile app ideas for developers to consider building. Experimenting with different app ideas is a great way to refine your programming skillset, practice with new technologies, and expand your professional portfolio.

In the long run, working on these new projects will make you a more effective and versatile developer. Nowadays, there is serious demand for powerful mobile applications. Users can access these from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

As a developer yourself, mobile app engineering is a great way to access new opportunities and increase your earning potential. Plus, it lets you work with the latest technologies – such as biometric passwordless app authentication.

To get started now, read on to learn about the most creative mobile app ideas to build as a developer.

NFT Marketplace

Word NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen tremendous growth in recent years. That’s why many developers are looking to build applications where users can research, purchase, trade, and sell these digital assets. These platforms should also support advanced token analysis, NFT bidding, wallet storage, and auctioning.

Some of the most popular marketplaces report over $10 Million in annual transaction volume. You can potentially capitalize on this hype and demand by releasing your own application. During the development process, be sure to place a high priority on security.

After all, users are incredibly cautious when selecting online software to control their finances. Absolutely, an NFT marketplace is one of the top mobile app ideas to pursue in 2022.

Finance Applications

Finance software

In addition, many mobile app engineers are building powerful finance software products. The fintech world is exploding in 2022. Users are constantly seeking mobile application technologies to manage their finances, make online payments, monitor balances, and process transactions. There are even popular mobile apps for tracking expenses, investing in stocks, or opening retirement accounts.

To build these applications, you’ll need a tech stack of advanced development tools and supporting programming resources. These solutions offer powerful capabilities that help maximize quality, accelerate deployments, and meet regulatory compliance needs.

For example, you can use Cloud migration functionality by JFrog to securely shift active workloads into new cloud environments with minimal impact to release. These advanced tools have already been used by a multi-billion dollar, international financial institutions and others in the global banking industry.

Note-Taking Apps

Notes icon on smartphone

Note-taking software is another great mobile app idea to pursue. In terms of difficulty, this category of app definitely fits into the beginner tier. These limited, simplistic applications allow users to create, edit, store, and share note through their smartphone devices.

Keep in mind that most modern-day smartphones come with a notes app installed by default. Therefore, your released application must offer some unique, creative, and original functionality. Otherwise, it will be near-impossible to generate downloads and sustain a targeted audience.

Configuring your own application, you can help users store memos, important notes, interview findings, and other important research data. Surely, try building a mobile application to expand your developer portfolio in 2022.

Fitness Programs

Fitness app

Another popular mobile app development idea is fitness programs. These applications help users maintain a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. Some of the most popular programs connect users with registered nutritionists, health coaches, and diet planners.

Many of the top programs integrate with wearable fitness trackers and smartwatches. This way, users can access detailed charts regarding their heart rate, blood pressure, sugar intake, or weight. Advanced applications will even use this data to formulate personalized lifestyle plans, nutritional guidelines, and daily meal charts.

All of this information can be easily exported – then distributed to fitness and health professionals online. Indeed, fitness programs are one of the best, most creative app ideas to pursue in 2022.

Ride-Sharing Platforms

Ride-sharing platform

For years now, ride-sharing apps have been some of the most popular, widely-used, and forward-looking digital programs. While there are a few established industry veterans, there is always room for competition.

Building your own ride-sharing mobile app allows users to find trusted, high-quality rides from their current location. They’re widely used for trips to and from airports, city centers, concerts, and nightlife venues. You can also target users that may not have access to reliable transportation.

Plus, your application can offer a separate portal for drivers.


There are several creative mobile app ideas to build as a systems developer. First and foremost, many developers have found success in building innovative NFT marketplaces.

In addition, you can build finance applications – and capitalize on ever-growing, highly-technical fintech innovation. Or, build a unique, creative note-taking application. Another popular choice is to build an advanced fitness program. Of course, there are still opportunities to build ride-sharing platforms in 2022.

Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the most creative mobile app ideas to build as a developer.