How to Effectively Add Biometric Passwordless Authentication to Any Web App

How to Add Biometric Passwordless Authentication to Any Web App

This article will present you with the best passwordless authentication software – OnzAuth and explain how to set it up.

What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication is logging into a system or application without a password.

Instead, users access their programs with an ownership factor (email account) or inherence factor (face recognition, for example).

Why is passwordless authentication convenient?

Fingerprint security

Passwordless authentication has become popular over the years, and you use it without knowing it.

Authentication provider, Auth0, predicts passwordless authentication will overtake password authentication by 2027.

Many benefits of this authentication method include:

  • Reduce od phishing and password theft risk
  • Faster login
  • No need to remember passwords
  • Prevention of password reuse

What is the best biometric passwordless authentication tool?

OnzAuth landing page

If you want to set up a biometric passwordless authentication feature on your website, you should use OnzAuth.

The good thing about this software is that it lets users create their Face ID or Fingerprint on your website with only a few lines of code.

This is considered one of the best software for these means since it allows you to create a login in only 5 minutes.

The best thing is that you can create this for web apps written in any language.

The main features of this tool include:

  • Integration with the website’s current setup. OnzAuth works perfectly with any framework and programming language.
  • Users can use magic or biometric links (FIDO2 keys, PIN, FaceID, Fingerprint…) as a primary sign-in method.
  • Privacy built-in to protect data. All data stay on the device, and the software doesn’t store Biometric or Password Information.
  • OnzAuth is simple to use and integrates with and website within a few minutes.
  • Users can use any or software’s standard OAuth or JWT libraries

How to add biometric passwordless authentication to your site?

Adding this feature to your website is easy and fast. All you have to do is follow the next three steps.

  1. Create your account on OnzAuth and get your ClientID.
  2. Include OnzAuth vanilla SDK on your website. Include the following code to your website java script: const auth = onz.Auth (clientID: ‘Your Client ID’, isIframe: true, containerID: ‘yourDivID’)
  3. Call auth.showLogin() to get tokens and show the login.

That’s it!

The only thing you need to log in to is your email. You must turn on the WebAuthn (Biometric Device Centric) in the settings section.

Also, to make the login process straightforward, login and register functions are merged into one.

OnzAuth Pricing

OnzAuth suite

You can get this software as a one-time buy of $49. The plan includes:

  • Magic Link Passwordless Login
  • Biometric (WebAuthN – Fingerprint, FaceID, PIN, Swipe, FIDO2 Devices) Login
  • Email and UI customization of color, logo, and text
  • All future releases and updates, including blacklist and whitelist features, are coming soon.

OnzAuth plans to release an analytics tab, custom claims, user export options, and advanced authentication flows. This will all be available for users who buy the software now.

Also, users have an option to test the software for 60 days to make sure it is for them. In case they are not satisfied, OnzAuth will return the money.

Wrapping up

OnzAuth is simple-to-use software to create biometric passwordless authentication in only 5 minutes.

The software is currently in the BETA phase, and more features will come soon. Now is the right time to invest in the software at a lower price and use all future releases and updates.