6 Best Zoho Campaigns Alternatives for Better Functionality & Email Deliverability in 2022

6 Best Zoho Campaigns Alternatives for Better Functionality & Email Deliverability in 2022

In the realm of low-cost email marketing solutions, one option is Zoho Campaigns. Despite its low price, users have reported a few problems that could impede your efforts.

These issues include insufficient functionality, difficulty reaching the primary inbox, and low email deliverability. Help is here as we look at some viable alternatives to Zoho Campaigns that offer superior features and higher email delivery rates.

The biggest issue with Zoho Campaigns is, as indicated above that it is inconsistent when sending out email campaigns. Since of this, and because it lacks other capabilities, Zoho Campaigns may not be the best email marketing software for expanding your business.

1. Moosend

Moosend landing page

Moosend is the ideal option as a substitute for Zoho Campaigns if Zoho is failing you in your email marketing efforts. In addition to helping your business succeed, their email campaign automation software has been designed with consumer tools and cutting-edge capabilities.

Moosend’s drag-and-drop editor and collection of pre-made email templates make it possible to create a marketing campaign from scratch in a matter of minutes. In addition, it provides a landing page editor and a form builder to help you grow your email list and increase your sales.

Moosend has a 98% receiver score. Therefore, all business email marketing will reach their intended inboxes without fail. When comparing Moosend with Zoho Campaigns, it’s clear that Moosend has excellent learning resources.

On top of that, this email service provider will supply you with cutting-edge tools for audience management, which will improve the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns. Thanks to audience segmentation, lead management, and individualized service, better conversion rates can be achieved through targeted marketing.

Last but not least, Moosend’s marketing automation features let you create advanced automation workflows for your target demographic. As a result, you may save time, improve efficiency, and better meet your subscribers’ demands by automating your marketing activities.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp landing page layout

Because we couldn’t function properly without MailChimp, we had no choice but to incorporate it. This option to Zoho Campaigns includes all of the gadgets and whistles necessary to put your email marketing strategy on autopilot. These bells and whistles have complex features as well as supplemental resources.

This email promotional tool also has a slide editor for creating outstanding campaigns from the very beginning, similar to the other devices just described. MailChimp’s capability to facilitate multi-step marketing automation procedures is another factor that contributes to the service’s widespread popularity.

This solution provides various alternatives for improving your email communications and marketing automation, so it is a complete package. By utilizing the send time optimization feature, you can pinpoint the precise moment in the preceding twenty-four hours your campaigns should be sent out to get the best possible results.

Last but not least, Mailchimp, which is one of the most extensively used platforms, provides a large variety of connectors that might make your work easier.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse landing page

A list like ours would be incomplete without including GetResponse. If you run an online store and are looking for an email marketing tool to help you gain subscribers and consumers, this alternative to Zoho Campaigns is precisely what you need.

In particular, this replacement comes with a user-friendly email builder that allows you to quickly generate attractive newsletter and marketing communications for your target audience. Then, you can utilize email analytics to track results and adjust your approach accordingly.

In addition, GetResponse provides you with list management capabilities to let you sort your subscribers into different groups for more targeted communication. You may program ingenious sequences using marketing automation tools to provide your subscribers with relevant offers and discounts.

The webinar production capabilities in GetResponse are a great way to create evergreen content that can help turn your leads into dedicated clients.

4. MailerLite

MailerLite landing page

Our next top alternative to Zoho Campaigns is MailerLite, an easy-to-use and straightforward email marketing platform perfect for startups and inexperienced marketers.

Create new campaigns in minutes with the help of the visual campaign builder. Further, MailerLite provides ready-to-use email subscription templates to cut down on preparation time. The home page builder can also generate leads through search engine optimization of certain web pages.

MailerLite also provides excellent A/B Checking tools to improve digital marketing campaigns, easing campaign effectiveness and optimization worries. Doing so may boost the efficacy of your email marketing efforts and increase the number of people who subscribe to your list.

MailerLite’s automation and multi-step workflows will let you reach your audience with the perfect message at the right moment.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign landing page

ActiveCampaign is a leading email campaign automation service due to its many features and functionalities. Use this option for Zoho Campaigns if you’re a skilled marketer or online retailer looking to set up sophisticated sequences to keep your subscribers interested.

Companies may use transactional emails to inform customers of crucial information about their orders, enhancing the client journey and experience. ActiveCampaign, like the other platforms we’ve reviewed, provides customer relationship management and sales automation features to automatically nurture leads, monitor deals, and alert sales teams to modifications in lead status.

Last but not least, this system provides sophisticated, user-created reports for monitoring progress and informing strategic decisions.

6. Sendinblue

Sendinblue landing page

After that, there’s Sendinblue, an email promotional tool that supports SMS. Although it is a robust platform, it is significantly more expensive than the Zoho Campaigns and the other solutions we reviewed.

This alternate option for making emails comes with a graphical campaign builder where you can use both text and visuals. The mobile app provided by Sendinblue allows you to monitor your campaigns even while you’re on the go, which is very helpful for those constantly on the go.

The email promotional tool includes a built-in CRM that can be used to manage your lists. You can divide your target market into subsets with the help of online forms and audience segmentation options, such as gender, age, occupation, and more.

Sendinblue provides excellent email marketing tools to help you establish automatic workflows for your audience, which is essential if you want to increase engagement. With a platform deliverability rate of 90.3%, your campaigns will have little trouble reaching their intended inboxes.


If you are a marketer looking for a straightforward email marketing solution, Zoho Campaigns is a fantastic choice. On the other hand, if you need more sophisticated features and email deliverability, Zoho Campaigns might not be the best solution to help you succeed.

Choose from the aforementioned email marketing firms to help you get your email marketing campaign back on track. You can find a wide variety of choices in today’s market. Make sure your new tool is a good fit for your organization by taking advantage of any trial periods or free plans before making a long-term commitment.