Tor Browser – How to Use It on a Mobile Phone

Tor Browser - How to Use It on a Mobile Phone

If you have never heard of the Tor browser, let me help you and say that Tor is short for the Onion Router and it is a browser that allows you to be anonymous on the Internet. It is a free and open-source browser so you don’t need to spend any money on using it and can decide to use it whenever you want to be anonymous. We will start this article by explaining how it works and then switch on to describing how to use it on a mobile phone.

How Does It Work?

It works on the same principle as the incognito mode because it erases your search history immediately but also encrypts your web traffic. This means that no one will be able to track your history or find you online which can be very beneficial to protecting your privacy on the Internet. It will make it impossible to find out your identity and to be tracked by anyone because all of your information is going into the Tor browser which is full of servers. It is recommendable to use VPN while using Tor because it can protect you even more and keep you completely safe and your identity is hidden unless you want to reveal it. This is especially crucial because this browser can grant you access to the dark web and you need to make sure you are staying safe while using it.


Does It Work on a Mobile Phone?

You can use the Tor browser on your laptop or computer without any problems but does it work on your mobile phone? Can you stay safe while browsing the Web anywhere you go?

It can be used on an Android without any problems while we cannot say the same thing for an iOS. For iOS users, there is an alternative on the App Store that they can download and use called Onion Browser which is quite similar to the Onion Router. It is recommended to iOS users on the official site of this browser which can confirm that it is a good alternative.

When it comes to Android users, all they have to do is access the Google Play Store and find the Tor browser there and download it. They can also download it from the official site but they will then download it as an APK file. It is recommended and seen as safer to download this browser via their official site but do it while you are using VPN. This will grant you maximum safety and make sure no complications happen along the way.

To Conclude:

Can the Tor browser be used on a mobile phone? It can. For Android users easily but for iOS users, there is an alternative. If you ever decide you want to be anonymous on the Internet and hide your identity from prying eyes, the Tor browser is meant for you. Get it today and make sure to stay safe!