6 Top Business Intelligence Tools to Help You Make More Informed Decisions: Quickly Enhance Your Business Strategy

6 Top Business Intelligence Tools to Help You Make More Informed Decisions

With the correct business intelligence tools, anyone can undertake data discovery. It was previously limited to the skills of advanced analytics experts. These business technologies give you the information you need to solve problems faster.

Moreover, it will allow you to collect all of your crucial data in one place. On top of that, while utilizing business intelligence tools, you will grow your business more quickly.

Business intelligence (BI) tools and platforms can assist you in acquiring insight for better business management that is important for the optimization of your business. With them, you can receive data that will help you make more intelligent and strategic business choices.

1. Jaspersoft

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Jaspersoft is a business intelligence tool that enables businesses to make more intelligent and profitable business decisions. It is one of the most widely used and adaptable tools. It is also an economical business intelligence solution in the professional world you can find right now.

The self-service product also requires little information technology intervention. It may generate powerful insights to help a company make better and more informed decisions across all industries. You can install this business intelligence tool on a smartphone or use it as a web-based platform.

Furthermore, you can incorporate Jaspersoft with any mobile device or application you already use. As a result, you can scale down this tool, making it available to practically anyone at Jaspersoft who has access to the cloud.

2. Qlik Sense

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Qlik Sense is a platform for sophisticated and practical data analysis. It is one of the most outstanding business intelligence software products you can use for your business. Because it operates on various devices, this platform is not device-sensitive.

That is great for new business owners. The reason behind that is that the user interface is appropriately optimized. On top of that, Qlik Sense performs well on any device, which applies to touch screen devices.

With this business intelligence tool, you can educate your users and your team members to understand and utilize the business information quicker and better.

3. Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft Power BI  is one of the leaders in open source business intelligence. It primarily allows you to make better, more accurate, and faster judgments. That will help you to generate profits from your business.

This tool connects information and database from nearly any sort of resource. That results in complete analytics that transforms big data into useful information to create the correct plans and strategies. This business solution allows you to be used on-site or in the cloud.

You can implement Microsoft Power business analytics into a business application without too much trouble. That is great for anyone who is just starting. This tool provides dynamic statistics that use loop filtration zooming.

It can also help you attribute highlighting and make thorough descriptions to provide insight into corporate performance and operations. Even so, it offers many navigation options that can help you visualize data better with online dashboards.

4. Sisense

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Sisense was launched as a business intelligence tool years ago. Many new business owners love it because it is incredibly light and simple to use. Sisense is the best business intelligence solution for novices. With comprehensive data collection that is very organized and simple to understand.

Moreover, it helps firms study and communicate crucial insights through sophisticated visual dashboards using drag-and-drop capability. This solution provides business intelligence to non-technical users without IT knowledge or additional assistance.

Furthermore, Sisense accurately incorporates current data from a variety of sources. It has fully customizable dashboards and is fully interactive.

5. Zoho Analytics

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Zoho Analytics is an excellent BI solution for precise reporting and data analysis. Automatic data synchronization, which may be planned regularly, is included in this business intelligence tool.

You may quickly create a connector with this tool by utilizing the integration of the application programming interface. You can also create personalized reports and dashboards using a simple editor.

It allows you to zoom in on critical elements. Collaboration requires a different commenting experience. One of this tool’s most popular and loved features is linking data from sources and creating valuable reports.

6. MicroStrategy

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MicroStrategy can use data to help businesses obtain fast and accurate answers. That results in successful and effective campaigns. A thirty-day complimentary edition of this business intelligence application is available. This technology can change the position of any company.

Furthermore, it assists in the improvement of productivity and the economy. MicroStrategy can help revenue optimization trend tracking. You can connect with customers through the use of powerful dashboards and analytics.

MicroStrategy is a valuable and productive business intelligence tool that companies in various sectors may utilize. That is possible because of its easy-to-understand reports.


Business intelligence tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are popular because they provide a lot of helpful information on your company’s performance and direction.

It is relatively simple to obtain important information that can be used in the company’s everyday operations using some of the tools mentioned in this article.