11 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listings in 2023

11 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

Without a doubt, Amazon has emerged as one of the world’s most influential and well-known multinational technology corporations. Since Jeff Bezos founded it as an e-commerce site for selling books, it has expanded dramatically and continued to expand into other sectors.

Books are now just one of the many products available on Amazon, which also sells software, video games, devices, gadgets, apparel and jewelry, decor, and even food.

Amazon’s marketplace is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to sell products on Amazon.com, including individuals and large corporations. Amazon provides a ready-made website that attracts tens of millions of customers daily, and sellers give customers a quality Amazon shopping experience.

You can, too, if you’re willing to meet Amazon’s strict requirements. Here are 11 tips to increase traffic to your Amazon listing.

1. Make a business plan

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To begin selling on Amazon, you must create a business plan that includes your mission, market analysis, financial plan, marketing and sales strategy, and a list of your products and services.

Once you’ve identified your competitors, try to be inspired by them and develop a business budget, schedule, and plan business activities to help you achieve the highest Amazon rankings.

2. Find profitable items to sell

Finding profitable products to sell is a big challenge for merchants. Because anyone can sell on Amazon, rival companies appear daily, and prices fluctuate. Picking the right products to sell on Amazon is also essential for success. This task will be covered in greater detail later in this manual.

3. Examine your competitors on Amazon

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On Amazon, look for the product you’re selling or similar items. Are there a lot of other sellers selling the same or similar products? If this is the case, take note of the sale prices and whether the competing listings are prime.

This is significant because Primetime advertisements are frequently preferred in Amazon’s search and purchase results. If you have competing premiers or if Amazon sells the same or similar item, you already have competition. Consider this when conducting your research.

4. Make a list of all of your products and optimize them

Create high-quality, high-resolution images that will effectively promote your products. Images can be obtained from your supplier or created by you. You can include up to seven images in the product description, so make sure to include all of the essential aspects and angles of a specific product.

5. Write a description

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Also, write a high-quality and informative product description that will persuade the customer to buy from you. Please include as much detail as possible. Look at what your competitors have written in their product descriptions to get ideas. Use the appropriate keywords in the title and description of your products for them to be listed well.

6. Regularly replenish stock levels

Maintain a consistent stock level, so your product appears on the product listing page. When a customer places an order, the stock level decreases automatically. If your products are about to run out of stock, you should reconsider your marketing strategy and seek larger orders from suppliers.

7. Gather customer feedback to help your company grow

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Asking the right questions to your customers is the most effective strategy for quickly determining what your online stores require and defining a clear strategy. According to statistics, approximately 71% of consumers are okay with leaving a review for a business when asked.

So, remember not to hide behind a bush in silence, waiting for your customers to share their thoughts with you. Prepare a recorder and ask, ask, ask.

8. Increase your company’s visibility outside of the company

Even when they are not actively shopping, your customers must regularly be reminded of your presence. Many marketers will tell you that remarketing is an excellent method for accomplishing this, but I find it creepy and intrusive.

Customers prefer a gentler approach, such as confirmed email sign-up, which results in a much higher return on investment. After all, why communicate with someone who isn’t interested in hearing from you?

9. Provide a limited-time promotional code


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As an incentive for new visitors to join your mailing list, consider providing a coupon code. The key is to limit the validity of your promo code to five to seven days. Allow your email software to send daily tips, ideas, and inspiration demonstrating how your products can improve their lives in novel ways.

On the final day, please send at least two emails reminding them of the promo code’s expiration date. Within the first seven days of signing up, you can expect a consistent increase in the number of visitors joining your list and purchasing.

10. Pay attention to the user experience

To be successful online, business owners must concentrate on one aspect: the customer experience. Consider whether the user will understand the product. Are your online product or service’s links, sections, and subsections easy to understand?

Examine whether the features are clear and straightforward to identify and read. Finally, see how simple it is for them to get in touch with you if they have questions. Most people nowadays expect instant responses.

11. Encourage customers to leave product reviews

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Asking users to leave product reviews can help you build trust in your products. A favorable product review can significantly increase sales, so it’s critical to encourage it on your website. Your customers’ positive reviews about your products encourage others to buy them.

Buyers typically read seller reviews before purchasing products to learn about other buyers’ experiences with them. Attempt to obtain as many positive reviews as possible by contacting your customers and soliciting feedback.

Final thoughts

Amazon is an excellent platform for selling different products on. With millions of customers and years of optimizations, they reached clients’ trust worldwide. Try implementing them right away to see the results fast. With these tips, you will surely be able to increase traffic to your Amazon listing.