Which App is Best for an Online Interview – Top 5 Tools You Should in 2022

Which App is Best for an Online Interview - Top 5 Tools

Are you seeking an excellent online interview app? Look no further. We have answered all your questions and selected the best solutions on the market.

Compared with traditional media, video interviewing technologies seem on the rise, leading people with busy life-giving interviews through their smartphones and tablets. Many businesses significantly favored video and online interviews when Covid was rising.

Read on to find out which app is best for an online interview.

1. Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio landing page

Take one of the ready-made interview templates and start taking action. But don’t worry. With Rumble Studio, you will always have the option of personalizing such interviews and adding different things to show you in the best light.

Add your logo, color, font, or video clips. You can add guests individually or all at once to participate in the interview, and if you want to go through all the interviews later, you will be able to do the same without any problems.

Rumble Studio can record and create audio clips and will facilitate your analysis and selection of the right candidate. You can do all this without coding knowledge, which is why it is perfect for both beginners and advanced users who want to speed up the process.

2. Podcastle

Podcastle landing page

The types of interviews you can interview with podcast apps like Podcastle can be endless. You will be able to welcome your guests and start recording them when you start your interviews.

Because everything is done remotely, content creators might question each person separately with independent audio and video recordings. As all interviewees are recorded immediately by Podcastle and the recordings are automatically stored on cloud storage, poor internet connectivity will not be an issue anymore.

From a matter of space and memory to the point of flexibility and speed, this feature will genuinely change the podcasting game.

3. Riverside.fm

Riverside landing page

With Riverside.fm, depending on how long your interview will be, you can decide which plan to take or create your custom pricing plan. On top of that, Riverside.fm offers you excellent video recording features and the opportunity to have excellent audio quality in front of you.

Additionally, you will be able to put together the video to look more like a professional video interview. It takes approximately a few seconds or more for the media files to finish syncing once you have done shooting. You will see the files in real-time while recording.

And you can specify what audio and video you are shooting with Riverside. You can record an interview and send it to your address or put it on Riverside.fm for others to see. The primary panel is where you will be able to locate your files after that.

4. VideoAsk

VideoAsk landing page

Next on our list is VideoAsk. You can record interviews and review them later, just like the apps mentioned above. But what makes this one different?

You can put all the interviews in the calendar and make a great schedule of all the interviews to make it easier to follow them. And because it’s compatible with your Google Calendar, you can schedule all your interviews online. You can see the time and dates for every video within your calendar.

So, you can see exactly how many videos are scheduled on which days.

5. Zoom

Zoom landing page

Zoom, an online interview app, is a superb option for everyone. Unlike other online platforms, Zoom is free and features a lot of tools for you to use. What if an interview runs long and you and your candidates or assistants need to take a break?

You can easily break out rooms within the application elegantly and immediately set how long the time break will last. You can also use it to reserve your time and screen out candidates if needed, and it even lets you set up different rooms for different jobs so you do not run into duplicates.

Speaking of interviewing, what if you do not have your laptops or computers handy? Well, the app allows you to save your interviews on your mobile phone, and they are saved on the device so you can access them anytime, even if you are offline.

On Zoom, you can get updates, notifications, and questions you might ask your candidates from anywhere. One of the most significant selling points of Zoom is the built-in chat features.


Using online interviews is becoming more popular for those looking to interview a larger group. An online interview can be done simply by setting up an interview room on some of the above-mentioned applications or by hiring someone else to interview on your behalf.

This option has become more and more popular because it saves a lot of time and money. An online interview is not a complete fluke, as many companies continue to conduct online interviews because it works for many employees.

Once again, you would like to emphasize Rumble Studio as the best option. Rumble Studio allows you to create a significant event in a minimum of time and with the highest success.