How to Build an Email List

How to Build an Email List

What exactly is an email list?

The list of emails is simply a collection of email addresses. This includes anyone who has signed up for your blog, website, newsletter or other emails you have gathered from people, and your email subscribers are people who want to hear from your company.

Email marketing and sales are more than just that. According to the widespread marketing saying:

“The money is in the list.”

Your email list size and health will determine how much revenue you make. If your email subscribers are active and engaged, you can make a lot of money. However, if your contacts are not relevant or inactive, it will be challenging to reach customers.

Building an email list serves one purpose: to increase your leads, allowing you to convert them later into loyal customers.

Why bother building an email list?

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One email type is not enough for a business, and it is essential to have separate email lists for different kinds and types of emails.

According to the Direct Marketing Association in the USA, email marketing has a minimum of a 4,900% ROI for small businesses.

Email subscribers are likely to be interested in learning more information about your brand, products, and services. They can verify their identity by clicking the link. You can expect new subscribers to become paying customers once they sign up.

  1. It is personal
  2. Get the email list
  3. It is purposeful
  4. It is a private message
  5. Emails are frequently used

What you should and shouldn’t do with an email list

1. Find an email service provider

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It’s essential to find an email marketing company that you feel comfortable with, and that can help you build your email list.

We would recommend Omnisend at this point, but there are other options for list-building.

Although this is one of the most effective list-building strategies, it will take some research on your part. There are many ways to build an email list, and your email marketing company must have these capabilities.

  • A variety of sign-up forms is available.
  • The ability to send the sign-ups to different lists
  • The ability to track the effectiveness of each sign-up form
  • The ability to segment your subscribers according to other behaviors
  • The ability to send automated messages using these segments and lists
  • This will give you everything you need to begin building your email list

2. Send one email to everyone

Emails are sent for good reasons, and across the country, customers can be contacted on their time zone schedule. It may seem that 6 p.m. is an excellent time to send emails, as potential customers are available after work. However, if you need to send emails to New York customers, it may be more convenient to email them at 7 a.m.

Sending emails at different times is a good idea, and it is essential to determine which timings work best for small businesses and large multinationals. You can then track your customer’s response easily.

3. You can A/B-test your subject lines

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Customer-first notices the subject line of an email. These subject lines are concise, catchy, and easy to write, and the subject line is what can make or break an open email rate.

An uninteresting subject line could be why the user redirects an email to the delete folder.

According to the standard, a subject line should not exceed 2-3 words (35 characters). Subject lines that are longer than this can be distracting from the message you want to send. Why not test multiple subject lines? It will help if you try the most powerful and emotional words that entice customers to click on the subject line.

4. Maintain a healthy email list

Did you know that 30% of subscribers change their email addresses each year? It is essential to delete inactive subscribers immediately, which means that you must maintain the active/new subscribers list.

These contacts will convert high thanks to your email marketing efforts.

How to quickly build your email list

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1. Pop-up forms are a great way to surprise website visitors

Opt-in forms can be convincing, but they are still passive. Your website visitors should sign up for your newsletters at their initiative. Without signing up, you won’t be able to understand what your website visitors are looking for. You can also use a popup form.

Pop-up forms can be dynamic tools that appear on the screen for specific events or times. Forms that Pop-up can also be used to generate leads.

When you visit any website, the sign-up form appears after a few seconds or if the user is about to leave (exit-intent popup).

Continue to experiment with different sign-up forms until you find the best one. Your email list will see a significant rise in subscribers, and this tactic is a great way to grow your email list.

2. Incentives can be compelling

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Offering visitors incentives to sign up is the best way to grow your email list quickly.

The DMA Group conducted a survey and found that almost 60% of blog subscribers signed up for an opt-in offer. Opt-in incentives could be anything from a simple checklist to a complete eBook.

Opt-in incentives are great because you can often reuse old blog posts to create a freebie. You’ll need to keep these critical points in mind when you use an opt-in to grow your email list.

Take the time to learn what people are searching for. Offer an incentive to sign up for your mailing lists, such as a discount, sale, or free shipping for a specific time. If your motivation is directly related, you can do this by looking at keywords that drive our chances of increasing our customers’ email addresses.

Make it special. It is not a good idea to disappoint people by offering an opt-in incentive that is poorly written. To solve a reader’s problem, include as much detail as possible.

3. Referral programs

Referral programs are a great way to increase your email list. Referral programs helped McDonald’s, Dropbox, and Starbucks become industry leaders by offering customers offers they couldn’t refuse.

While some might say that referral programs are bribes, there are three ways you can make it so that you don’t have the contact to bribe. You can add the option to forward or share the newsletter and welcome email.

While this may work well for an email marketing campaign, it is not compelling enough. Instead, give something of value to a referee. Current subscribers will be delighted by a 20% discount, free shipping, or a $20 coupon.

Broadway Bank, for example, created a great referral program that allowed its customers to earn up to $500 per year. This is how it looks.


Your email list should not be a burden on your business. To encourage website visitors to become paying customers, you need to decide which email campaign strategies to use.

Mailmunch helps you find the best email templates and tactics for your business. These tactics have been tested and proven to work with email marketing strategies and many other well-known brands.

You can nurture your subscribers by providing more quality content. We offer email marketing guidelines to help you understand how to attract people to your email list. These ideas regarding email lists can help you increase conversions and improve your website’s organic traffic. Use the information in this guide to get started.