What Are the Best Chrome Extensions That You Can Use to Protect Your Privacy?

What Are the Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy?

It is not a secret that today we live in a highly digitized world. Technology and its development are certainly, perhaps unnoticeable, creeping into every segment of our lives. It is evolving so fast today. Sometimes we can’t even keep up with the latest developments.

However, there are still questionable topics that are popular for debate. You don’t learn about these things in computer science classes, and you can’t hear anything about them even from the vlogs of the most popular influencer. During the pandemic, many things have changed.

People more often use the internet for various purposes. Some even switched their jobs to the online form, and many even started schooling from home. Have you ever wondered what a joy it was for cybercriminals?

We believe that you are not even aware of how much the number of cyber attacks and online scams has increased. The problem of security and privacy when using the internet has always been topical. While some users hold fast advice on maintaining online privacy, most people are given privacy only as an abstract term.

The internet is a system that facilitates the exchange of data from any aspect. We connect to the internet through an ISP (internet server). First, we connect to the web. Then we connect to the global internet network.

Each device has one type of ID card. That is the IP address. The internet server sees who it is, from which device, and when it accessed the internet, even which website. We forget one fact, and that is that everything we publish stays online. We may think that erased things disappear forever. But they do not.

Do not be gullible and get informed. We have to be careful about the things we publish. Once something is posted, it always stays on a server. Furthermore, this creates the biggest problem of the 21st century: The security and privacy of data on the internet.

Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy

Surfing the web is an everyday thing most of us do. As we have already mentioned, it is risky without adequate protection. You can find Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store, where you can download and install them directly. Let’s see the best Chrome extensions that will protect your privacy.


Ghostery landing page

We will agree that it is uncomfortable to think or know that someone is spying on us. Also, we all love when something is free, right? The Google Chrome Ghostery extension is an effective tool for maintaining anonymity. The positive side of this extension is that it is free.

The Ghostery extension offers us the ability to know who is following our online activities in real-time. It also detects searchers on websites that we thought did not have tracking codes. Depending on how strict you want it to be, you can set up four different levels.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger landing page

Privacy Badger is a great extension that protects your online privacy while browsing the internet. It blocks spying on ads and invisible trackers. Perfect, isn’t it? Privacy Badger can block WebRTC. So they cannot leak your IP address. They say that in the fight between Ghostery and Privacy Badger, Ghostery wins.

However, they say that the best replacement for the winner is the Privacy Badger, which guarantees that you are in good hands.


uBlock landing page

uBlock blocks the display of standing ads on websites. In addition to stopping trackers, uBlock will also stop annoying commercials and videos. It is a fantastic solution to your everyday problems. Do you think that access to most sites on the internet is free? It’s not.

The price is enormous. You may not know it, but you pay with your data and privacy.


Click&Clean landing page layout

Also, another Chrome extension that will preserve your privacy is Click&Clean. This extension is considered one of the most modern. Its huge advantage is protecting your data that you do not want to share in the shortest possible time. Every day more and more information is stolen.

If you want to protect your data, this extension provides good services. Another advantage is that it is accessible to everyone. It is easy to use too.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere landing page

Looking for HTTPS in a browser URL window is the best way to find out if you’ve visited a secure site. Sometimes that is not possible. This Chrome extension – HTTPS Everywhere – can help. It detects an insecure web and takes you to the safe one. That way, all your privacy is preserved in one go.

They will also be happy to hear criticism and praise from users. If there are serious criticisms, they try to resolve them as soon as possible.


DuckDuckGo landing page

DuckDuckGo provides users with privacy protection. It has become popular as an alternative Google search engine. It can forcibly improve the privacy of the site using its encryption. Like other extensions, it can block trackers. If you are tired of thinking about whether someone is tracking your data, DuckDuckGo is the solution for you.


We have reached the end of our list of suggestions.

Identity theft is a criminal act of false representation for material or other gains. The growing availability of personal data through the mass use of social networks or online stores has created a business from identity theft. Today, people tend to neglect thinking about identity theft.

Everyone thinks that they are not so “lucky” to experience that. However, you never know. One of the main issues of the 21st century is the issue of individual freedom and the right to exist without following every aspect of our existence.

We need to be aware that stolen data can affect our entire lives. Moreover, it can tear everything we’ve built in a matter of seconds.

Everyone offers data protection, which is very important in today’s digitalized life. If you want to control your data, it’s time to install an extension on your Chrome browser. We can say that any of these Chrome extensions you choose will not go wrong.