Green Lock = Money

SSL is one of the most important aspects of any site for both SEO & visitors


No fluff or bloat - only features that SAVE YOU TIME

We know you’re busy and want instant results! That’s exactly what WP Force SSL delivers.

Everything for SSL

Overwhelmed by having to install multiple plugins to configure SSL? WP Force SSL has all the tool & options you need and they work seamlessly with all plugins and themes.

Content Scanner

It's impossible to manually check every page on your site for mixed content. However, our content scanner does it in minutes & provides a comprehensive report so you can avoid mixed content errors.

SSL Monitoring

Configuring your SSL certificate properly once is not the end of the story. What if you forget to renew it? That's why the real-time SSL monitor keeps an eye on more than 50 errors each time it checks your site.

Easy to Use

If you need to read the manual or contact support that means we failed you. That's why we do our best to make all tools and options user-friendly and straightforward to use.

Centralized Dashboard

Control all your purchases, licenses, sites & SSL monitors from a single location - the Dashboard. Save time by having all your client sites in one place.

Premium Support

We never outsource our support! The vast majority of tickets is answered by developers who made the plugin. Rest assured you're in capable hands.

Save time, money and your SEO position

Struggling to get the green lock? Or with the mixed-content warnings? Fix all problems instantly!

Over 200,000 Happy Users

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  • 1 site license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • Real-time SSL monitoring
  • Content scanner
  • Dashboard
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding



  • 5 sites license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • Real-time SSL monitoring
  • Content scanner
  • Dashboard
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding

Agency Lifetime


  • 100 sites license
  • Lifetime updates & support
  • All current & future plugin features
  • Real-time SSL monitoring
  • Content scanner
  • Dashboard
  • White-label mode
  • Rebranding

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
You are fully protected by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don’t like the plugin over the next seven days, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.


Will WP Force SSL slow down my site?

Absolutely not. Everything the plugin does happens in the admin. Nothing is loaded, added, or processed on the front-end so you can rest assured there is no impact on the performance of your site.

Can you install an SSL certificate for me?

Sorry, at the moment we can’t. The automatic SSL certificate installation feature is on our to-do and will be available in one of the future versions.

Can I move my license between sites?

Absolutely! Once you deactivate WP Force SSL on a site, the license goes back into your license pool, and you can activate it on another site. At any given time you can see all sites using your licenses when you log in to the WP Force SSL Dashboard.

What’s the WP Force SSL Dashboard?

It’s a central place where you can manage all your purchases, sites, licenses & SSL monitors. If you’re an agency you’ll love the Dashboard as it’ll save your hours of work.

How does the PRO version compare to the free one?

Short answer – the PRO version has ten times more features than the free one. The free version also doesn’t have SSL monitoring or the content scanner.

Is WP Force SSL dangerous for my site?

No, definitely not! The plugin does not make any permanent changes to your site so even if it comes to a worst-case scenario you can just disable the plugin and that will undo all changes.

What's your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you buy WP Force SSL during the presale period then the policy is extended to 15 days after we deliver the final version of the plugin to you.

My site and SSL work fine. Do I still need WP Force SSL?

Yes, you do. The Real-time SSL monitoring and the content scanner will make sure your site stays in tip-top shape and email you know if anything changes.

Can you generate/get an SSL certificate for me?

Yes! Just by clicking a button in the plugin’s settings, the certificate will be automatically generated from Let’s Encrypt and you will be able to quickly install it on your site.

I don’t get this plugin; explain it to me like I’m five years old

Just because you have a valid SSL certificate that doesn’t mean your site is secure and you may not get the green lock in the browser address bar. That can happen for dozens of reasons and WP Force SSL will help you fix all of them.

Where and how do I manage my licenses?

Purchases, sites, licenses & SSL monitors are managed in the WP Force SSL Dashboard. It’s a central place to manage all your sites.

Will WP Force SSL modify my files, database or any content?

It will not automatically modify anything. If anything needs permanent changes you’ll be prompted to double-confirm the change. However, on 90% of sites, all changes are done on the fly so they are not permanent. Disabling the plugin undoes all changes.

I just moved my site to another address, will WP Force SSL help?

Definitely! Especially if you moved from HTTP to HTTPS. The plugin will make sure to properly redirect all your content, check your SSL certificate, and add other security features.

Is support included with every license?

Absolutely! While you have a valid PRO license our friendly, in-house support agents are at your disposal.